• Ali Eggleton

This is a space to exist freely.

I was going to write a book about this, something that would never get published (mostly because i'm lazy) and no one would never read (because I am scared). So I decided, late into the October night, that I will write a blog and well maybe no one will read this again. Who cares.

The book was also called Imposter and I had written several thousand words on the topic of my personal experiences growing up (and continuing to exist) as a bisexual woman. A lot of the posts will come from that and then when that becomes redundant I will just try to write more and more about my experiences.

I'm 21. I'm British. I'm Bisexual. I want to write about that experience. So here's a whole fucking blog about it. Swearing and all.

This is about bisexual representation, understanding and struggles. These fall hand in hand with the struggles of other members of the LGBTQIA+ communities and this is by no means meant to invalidate these people’s struggles. However, I think it’s important to understand that there are genuine concerns with being a bisexual woman within a heteronormative space and if this simply helps one person to understand their sexuality even a little more, then yay!

Struggle is subjective.

There are groups which will struggle more than I can or will ever understand. Continue to learn, educate and act against oppressors and never forget those who came before you.

This is for all those who have struggled and died due to the systematic oppressions of a corrupt capitalist system which operates in the Western World.

We are not done fighting until everyone in the world is able to love freely and exist without fear or oppression.

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